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New TLD updates: Neustar 358, Key-Systems 31

June 11, 2012Domaining, Domainnamewire, key-systems, Neustar, new tlds, UncategorizedComments Off on New TLD updates: Neustar 358, Key-Systems 31

Neustar signs up boatloads of new TLD applicants and news from Key-Systems.

New top level domain news stories are coming fast and furious today. Here are a couple more updates:

Nuestar (NYSE: NSR) said it has been selected as the backend registry services provider for 358 top level domain applications. The actual number the company will end up supporting will likely be smaller since some of the applicants will drop or or be contested.

Key-Systems announced that 31 applicants have selected its KSregistry GmbH company as the backend for their top level domains. Again, assuming some are contested, KSRegistry will end up supporting fewer domains.

Key-Systems is also jumping in to the digital archery game with a service that charges 15,000 EUR if it gets an application into the first batch. This fee is for customers that haven’t selected KSRegistry for the backend.

The interesting thing about digital archery is that providers can’t point to previous success to win clients. It’s a one time, never-done-before system. The only thing they can do is show test results…if these tests are accurate.

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