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What domains a Kickstarter success, Christie’s and University of Oklahoma bought this week

September 19, 2012Afternic, Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire, end user domain sales, kickstarter, sedoComments Off on What domains a Kickstarter success, Christie’s and University of Oklahoma bought this week

Company that raised $70k on Kickstart buys its company domain name.

This week’s end user domain name sales report includes some big names. Auction house Christie’s bought an Andy Warhol domain name, University of Oklahoma bought a four letter acronym, and a Kickstart success story bought its company domain name.


Auction house Christie’s bought for $6,457. It is selling some of Warhol’s works.
was purchased by someone for $2,000. The buyer is launching a site with video instruction.

Omaha landscaping company CM’s Custom Lawn and Landscape bougt for $1,888.

Universal Beauty Products, Inc., which has a product line called Via Natural, bought for $2,800.

Dermalogica sells an acne product called “Clean Start”, but I suspect a lot of people think of “Clear Start”. So the company paid $5,000 for

Ohio bank Strasburg Savings Bank bought for $1,388.

The owner of, which sells footwear, bought for $1,900.

Keystone, seller of architectural stone, bought for $10,000.

University of Oklahoma bought for $1,277. It’s likely for the Oklahoma Healthy Aging Initiative.

Specialty Medical Solutions bought for $1,788.

Rave Mobile Safety, a software company providing solutions for campus and public safety, bought for $3,750. I suspect some of the company’s technology was used to alert students and faculty about recent bomb threats on campuses such as University of Texas.

The owner of, which is currently in a lawsuit with the owner of, bought for $1,288.

Machine Perception Technologies, which appears to use the awful domain name, upgraded to for $1,588.

The owner of went global, buying for $1,088.

EMILY’s list, which helps elect pro-choice Democratic women to office, bought for $2,588.

Gift Card Impressions, LLC previously bought bought for $2,588 on Afternic. It returned to by for $1,795.


Charles Waugh raised $70,074 on Kickstarter for his Slingshot smartphone stabilizer and tripod. He produced it under his company Woxom, and now he bought for $1,000.

UK jobs service Digital Recruitment Limited, which previously bought for 1,000 GBP and for 9,500 GBP, picked up for 1,675 GBP.

Niche Media Holdings, LLC, owner of, bought for $1,495.

Roland Burger strategy consultants owns already but just added for $4,500. It is based in Germany.

The company behind — which bought a couple weeks ago — just bought for $3,250.

Water filter site bought for $2,500.

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