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Microsoft Buys Domain Name

January 2, 2011Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire, kinect, microsoftComments Off on Microsoft Buys Domain Name

Microsoft gets domain name to go along with popular Kinect product.

Kinect xboxMicrosoft has purchased the domain name, updated whois records show.

The company launched its popular motion based Kinect system for Xbox last year, and it was a hot Christmas gift.

Last week the company filed a UDRP to get a typo of, At about the same time, both Kevin Murphy and I noted that Microsoft might be trying to acquire Apparently we were right.

A marketing group called Kinect under the CorbettAccel umbrella sold the domain name. It used to forward to a page within their web site, but did not resolve when I checked it last week.

The domain name still doesn’t resolve at the time of writing.

(Hat tip: Ryan)

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