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ICANN Blasts KnujOn for “Not Verifying the Facts”

December 8, 2010Domaining, Domainnamewire, icann, knujon, Policy & LawComments Off on ICANN Blasts KnujOn for “Not Verifying the Facts”

ICANN says article by KnujOn is factually inaccurate.

KnujOn has been a controversial group when it comes to trying to clean up domain name abuse.

Its latest attack was on ICANN in an article on CircleID titled “Two Years Later Dozens of Registrars Still in the Shadows“.

The crux of the article is that 23 domain name registrars do not disclose their addresses on their web sites as required in section 3.16 of the Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA).

There’s a problem with that statement, writes ICANN Director of Contractual Compliance Stacy Burnette:

Unfortunately, your research ignored the fact that Section 3.16 is a new provision in the 2009 RAA, and as such registrars who are still operating under the 2001 RAA do not have this obligation and ICANN cannot enforce this provision against them.

According to Burnette, over half of the registrars on KnujOn’s list are, in fact, compliant with the RAA they are currently operating under.

Burnette closes the letter:

While we appreciate your efforts and we are pursuing those registrars we deemed non-compliant with website posting requirements, we strongly recommend that you take time to check facts and details to avoid publishing inaccurate information.

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