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Kohler Files Cybersquatting Lawsuit Against Repeat Offenders

August 15, 2011anticybersquatting, Domaining, Domainnamewire, kohler, Policy & LawComments Off on Kohler Files Cybersquatting Lawsuit Against Repeat Offenders

After paying off cybersquatters, Kohler says it got burned.

Plumbing fixtures giant Kohler has filed an anticybersquatting lawsuit against a company that it had already paid to stop registering its trademarks as domain names.

The federal district suit was filed against DomainJet, Inc, Jack Sun, and one or more of the company’s employees.

According to Kohler, it approached the defendants after it noticed they registered The defendants demanded $1,000 to transfer the domain name. Kohler offered $500 for the domain if the defendants would not register any Kohler trademarks in the future.

The defendants apparently agreed and Kohler paid the money.

But shortly thereafter the defendants allegedly registered four more infringing domain names and demanded $1,000 to transfer the new domain names.

That’s what prompted Kohler to file the suit. Honestly, I can’t blame them.

Now Kohler is asking for $100,000 per infringing domain name, or $500,000 total.

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