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Wow – Hit with UDRP domain name challenged as cybersquatting.

The storied domain name has been hit with a UDRP according to records at National Arbitration Forum.

Although National Arbitration Forum does not disclose who the complainant is until after a case is decided, it’s possible that it’s wireless company Cricket Communications. The company uses as its domain name and has used National Arbitration Forum in the past to recover domain names. was owned by Live Current Media for a long time, and for a while featured ads for wireless phones. Then the company developed it out at the same time it struck a long term deal to provide another web site for Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket.

The deal with IPL later collapsed. Live Current Media eventually sold the domain name as well.

So how could Cricket Wireless go after when the site is clearly developed as a fantasy cricket game?

Just look at the ads on the site. Every single Google Adsense ad is for a wireless provider. There’s even an affiliate ad for wireless services.

A thinly veiled attempt to masquerade as a cricket site while generating ad revenue based on the now famous Cricket Communications brand? That would be a huge leap for a UDRP panelist to make. If it really is the wireless carrier who’s going after this domain, then this is a case best settled in the courts rather than within the narrow confines UDRP.

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Live Current Nixes Deal, Changes Course on

Changes in and plans.

Live CurrentLive Current Media is making some changes.

First, back in August the company terminated a venture with Rob Monster’s Domain Strategies, Inc. to co-develop the domain name. The agreement was originally inked on May 15, 2009. The two parties decided to discontinue the venture and the domain name was returned to Live Current.

Second, Live Current’s new management is changing course on the company’s plans. Previous management had decided to change the site from a discount online perfume and fragrance store selling at a discount to a luxury site selling at retail prices. New management is sticking with the original business model:

As we do not have the financial resources to fully execute this business plan, we have suspended it and intend to re-focus the business on the discount model while we assess previous management’s MSRP model and re-formulate our business plan.

Also, on September 28, 2010 the company sold a domain name for $60,000.

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Live Current Sells for $60,000

Company sells another gem from its portfolio.

Live Current Media has sold another domain name to improve its cash position. The company just sold through Sedo for $60,000. The company has been selling off its portfolio of premium domain names over the past few years to raise much needed cash. It’s also dealing with a proxy battle between the former president and current CEO.

The sale didn’t top Sedo’s list for the week. Those honors belong to which sold for $150,000.

Other .com sales this week from Sedo: 40000 USD 23000 USD 17500 USD 15000 EUR 10000 USD 10000 USD 10000 USD 10000 USD 8889 EUR 8100 EUR 7500 USD 7000 USD 6500 USD 6001 EUR 6000 EUR 6000 USD 5500 USD 5000 USD 5000 USD 5000 USD 5000 USD 5000 USD 5000 USD 5000 EUR 5000 USD 5000 USD 5000 USD

ccTLDs 50000 EUR 50000 USD 12500 EUR 12000 EUR 10000 EUR 10000 GBP 10000 EUR 9000 USD 8500 EUR 7500 USD 7500 EUR 7500 USD 7500 USD 7000 USD 7000 USD 6999 GBP 6700 EUR 5500 EUR 5000 GBP 4000 EUR

Other 21500 EUR 10500 USD 10500 USD 7600 EUR 5500 EUR 5000 EUR 5000 EUR 5000 USD

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Gold or White, Live Current Shareholders Get a Raw Deal

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Proxy battle doesn’t give shareholders a great choice.

Live Current Media shareholders are being asked to make a choice ahead of next month’s shareholder meeting: gold or white.

The current CEO Geoffrey Hampson and his board want shareholders to vote with their gold proxy card, which would mean they get to stay at the helm of the company.

Former company president David Jeffs is asking shareholders to fill out the white proxy card, which would replace Hampson and the board with David Jeffs and a slate of new directors.

Unfortunately for shareholders, neither option is rosy.

In the gold corner you have a CEO who is also CEO of other companies. Yes, he invested $1.5 million of his own money in Live Current. But he seems to have left the building — literally. He has relocated to Chicago where another one of his companies is located. Hampson raised a lot of money for the company. But he also entered into a disastrous cricket media deal despite knowing little about the sport and made a stupid, unrelated acquisition of an auction software company. Partly because of this the company was forced to sell some of its prized domain names.

In the white proxy corner you have David Jeffs, who used to run the company. The company held its own under his leadership, but it was also involved in a number of questionable transactions involving Jeffs’ family. Jeffs also was the one who brought in Hampson to run the company.

So gold or white? Which will it be? Neither looks particularly promising for the future of the company. But I suppose it can’t get much worse. Shares are currently trading for 8 cents a piece, compared to $3.00 in May of 2008.

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Live Current Proxy Battle Exposing Ugly Truth

Company has murky past.

The battle over Live Current Media’s board is heating up, and with each war of words more of the company’s questionable past comes out into the open.

In Live Current’s Preliminary Proxy Statement for its upcoming meeting, current CEO Geoffrey Hampson said he began to have a falling out with the Jeffs family after Hampson didn’t have Live Current buy the web site

Confused? Take a look at the players.

David Jeffs – former President of Live Current
Richard Jeffs – David’s father
Geoffrey Hampson – current CEO and Chairman of Board

According to the proxy statement, Richard Jeffs wanted Live Current to purchase, a company that Richard Jeffs said he controlled. Live Current reviewed the idea but ultimately passed. The relationship between Hampson and Jeffs deteriorated from there, at least according to the statement.

Have you heard of before? There are two reasons. First, L’Oreal bought it for seven figures earlier this year.

Second, and more importantly, Live Current used to own back when Live Current was called sold the domain name to Manhattan Assets Corp along with,, and But you know what? Richard Jeffs served as a director at Manhattan Assets Corp.

Come again? Basically members of the Jeffs family purchased,, and from Then they “sold” back to in order to eliminate an ongoing royalty payment provision while Richard’s son was still President of the company. Later, Richard allegedly asked Live Current to also buy back.

Richard Jeffs was also a party to a settlement with the British Columbia Securities Commission (the “BCSC”) in April 2007. It turns out the Jeffs family is tied to what The Vancouver Sun called a boiler room.

One of the stocks it pushed was

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Proxy Battle Launched to Replace Live Current Media Board

Battle begins to replace board at Live Current Media.

The former CEO of what is now Live Current Media has launched a proxy battle to regain control of the company’s Board of Directors.

David Jeffs was CEO of the company from 2002 to 2007 when he hired Geoffrey Hampson to replace him. According to the proxy solicitation:

In March 2010, Mr. Jeffs received from a shareholder of the Company a news release issued by Corelink Data Centers LLC, a Delaware company that provides data technologies and web-hosting services on the Internet. The news release described Mr. Hampson as the CEO and Corelink’s success in establishing data centers in Las Vegas, Phoenix, Seattle and Chicago. The news release went on to say that, in conjunction with Corelink’s establishment of its new headquarters in Chicago, Mr. Hampson would move to Chicago at the end of March 2010. This news release suggested to Mr. Jeffs that Mr. Hampson was working for another company. He reviewed Corelink’s website and talked to others familiar with the Company to find out what he could about Mr. Hampson’s relationship to Corelink. He discovered that Mr. Hampson formed Corelink in August 2007, fewer than three months after becoming the Company’s CEO, became Corelink’s CEO in November 2007, and had established Corelink’s four data centers in the two and a half years from Corelink’s formation in August 2007 to the date of its news release in February 2010.

The proxy solicitation mentions several other grievances:

- Committed to paying bonuses of $700,000 and an annual salary of $275,000 and other benefits to the president hired to replace Mr. Jeffs on October 1, 2007, who resigned from the Company as of January 31, 2009 after serving only 16 months of his five-year contract

- Hired his common-law spouse—who appears to have a lot of fashion experience but no Internet retail experience—to run

-With the approval of the Current Board, lowered the exercise prices of the options granted to the members of the Current Board and other employees from between $2.00 and $2.50 to 65¢

- Filed unreliable financial statements for the periods ended September 30, 2008, December 31, 2008 and March 31, 2009 and had to file restated financial statements

- In March 2008, acquired an early-stage start-up business for $5 million that had no revenues and was written off the books by the end of 2009 after the Company determined by the end of June 2009 that the auction software acquired through the acquisition was impaired (Auctomatic)

Hampson and the board has already been sued over similar issues.

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Live Current Sells More Shares, Now Can Avoid “Grey Market” for Perfume

More equity sales from troubled company.

Fresh on the heels of raising $370,000 through equity sales at the end of last month, Live Current Media has raised another $225,000 through the same offering. That brings the total to $595,000. All told, the equity sale included 5.95 million shares and 5.95 million warrants to purchase shares at 15 cents each within the next two years.

Live Current says it will use this money for general purposes and to purchase inventory for its site for the holidays rush.

The closing of this financing will allow Live Current Media to purchase brand name fragrances directly without having to go through the secondary, grey market and to sell them at improved margins”, states Live Current President and COO, Paul Morrison. “ will now be able to, in addition to purchasing the classic fragrances, have access to the newest fragrances as they are released. It can take up to six months for these new products to filter down to the secondary, grey market, providing Live Current with product that few other e-commerce sites will carry.

I suspect “grey market” is used frequently in the perfume world, but it seems like a sketchy way to explain the market in which your business operates. “Secondary market” isn’t quite to inflammatory.

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Live Current Raises $370,000 Selling New Shares

Live Current places 3.7 million shares and hires COO.

Live Current Media, which owns, has raised $370,000 selling additional shares to accredited investors. The company sold 74 units to six different investors, with each unit including 50,000 shares of stock and a warrant to purchase another 50,000 shares for 15 cents each within two years. Each unit cost $5,000. Currently, shares of Live Current sell for 10 cents over the counter.

To put it in perspective, 50,000 shares would have cost over $100,000 just two years ago.

Live Current Media CEO Geoffrey Hampson purchased 20 of the units through Hampson Equities Ltd. for $100,000, according to an SEC filing. Hampson also lowered his salary to just $1 per year. Hampson is currently being sued by some shareholders and former executives of the company for alleged fraud, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duties, and unjust enrichment.

Another buyer was Paul W. Morrison, who was also hired to be President and Chief Operating Officer of Live Current Media and Chief Executive Officer of, Inc. Morrison purchased 10 units for $50,000. Morrison will be paid $130,000 a year, and will also get 5% of and options on up to 1 million shares in Live Current Media.

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Lawsuit Filed Against Live Current Media CEO and Board Members

Complaint alleges CEO and board members have neglected their duties.

In what is the latest in the continuing saga of Live Current Media, its former CEO and other plaintiffs have filed a lawsuit (pdf) against current CEO Geoffrey Hampson and each of the company’s board members. The lawsuit was filed in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois in the Chancery Division.

The suit goes after Hampson for alleged fraud, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duties, and unjust enrichment. Its claim against the board is for breach of fiduciary duties through gross mismanagement, waste of corporate assets, and misappropriation of corporate opportunities. The suit alleges that the three board members are all either friends or business associates of Hampson.

Live Current Media owns and operates a number of category-killer domain names, such as, but has sold many of its domains over the past two years to raise money.

At the crux of the complaint is that Hampson did not devote all of his time to running Live Current Media, despite alleged assurances to outgoing CEO David Jeffs that he would do so. Jeffs had grown the company to over $9 million in revenue in 2007 when he brought in Hampson to run the business.

The complaint alleges that just three months after signing his employment contract with Live Current, Hampson formed another company called CoreLink Data Services, LLC. It alleges that Hampson has spent “substantial amounts of his time and Live Current’s resources traveling for and working to build up CoreLink”.

The plaintiffs point out several questionable decisions by Hampson:

-directing the company to pay a bonus of $1 million to Jonathan Ehrlrich to become president of the company in 2007
-hiring his girlfriend (who the plaintiffs say had little or no internet experience) to run, the only division of the company that was earning a profit at the time of her hiring
-causing the company to spend money to move its headquarters to Chicago so that it would be nearer CoreLink’s headquarters.

The complaint also cites a couple “disastrous” decisions by Hampson, including:

-Acquiring Auctomatic for $5 million
-Signing a deal requiring the company to pay $50 million over ten years to Indian Premier League

The complaint says that Since Hampson joined the company the market cap has dwindled from $46 million to just $1.8 million today.

The plaintiffs want at least $50 million in damages.

On May 21 Live Current Media filed with the SEC to sell more shares in the company. Its filing mentions the lawsuit, but says none of the parties have been served.

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Live Current Posts a Profit (Sort of), Plans to Develop

Live Current goes into the black thanks to domain sales and leases.

Live CurrentLive Current Media posted a small profit of $84,078 for the first quarter of 2010, the company announced today. But that profit was only possible thanks to a $250,000 “Gain on settlement of amounts due regarding Global Cricket Venture” and $600,000 from “Gain from sales and sales-type lease of domain names.”

But the company says it is now fully funded through 2011 thanks in part to cost concessions from employees and service providers and future income from domain lease payments.

That doesn’t mean the company has necessarily turned the corner. Its balance sheet has only $0.78 million in current assets but $1.72 million in current liabilities.

The company says it has “an agreement in principle with a group of boxing luminaries” to launch its web site. It also shifted its strategy for from a discount perfume etailer to a full-price, luxury etailer. This could be a challenge in the short term:

As a result of this change in strategy and new target market, the old email list that consists of mostly price sensitive buyers is now largely ineffective. We are building a new list with current customers, however this process will take time. Meanwhile, we believe that mail marketing is the most effective sales strategy.

Hopefully the “leaner” Live Current will be better at executing on its development projects than the Live Current of the past several years.

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