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Success Story: Octane360 Takes Domain Monetization Beyond PPC

February 10, 2010Domain Services, Domaining, Domainnamewire, local search, octane360Comments Off on Success Story: Octane360 Takes Domain Monetization Beyond PPC

Company brings multiple revenue streams to domain names.

Octane360In December I wrote about Octane360, a startup that promises to bring new monetization options to domain names. I’m happy to report that the company is delivering on its promise.

The company’s bread-and-butter is monetizing long tail geo domain names, such as or

The company creates a small directory web site on each domain name. But unlike many other domain development solutions, Octane360 doesn’t just try to get traffic that will monetize with pay-per-click ads. Octane 360 uses multiple monetization methods for each domain: pay-per-lead, ppc, directory listings, and sometimes pay-per-call.

The real power behind Octane360’s system is its salesforce. The company has contracted with an outside call center to sell listings on the domains over the phone. Within a couple weeks, this salesforce will grow to 100 people solely selling listings on Octane360 sites.

And it works. A few months ago I set up about 200 long tail geo domain names on the system. It took about 6-8 weeks for the domain names to start getting good search engine traction; now about 90% of them are ranked on the first page of Google for their primary keyword. Once the domains get good search rankings, they are added to the call center’s database to sell listings to local businesses.

Although it’s still early, a handful of my domains already have paid listings on them. (Here’s an example for Anaheim Custom Homes.) Because of the commission Octane360 pays the call center, most listings will bring in about $5 a month to the domain owner. But that’s $60 a year per listing. The sites Octane360 has been successful selling listings on used to make less than $10 a year from pay-per-click. Between a couple listings, some pay-per-lead revenue, and PPC, decent domain names could make between $120-$200 a year on Octane360’s system.

It gets even better if someone uses the self-service feature on the domains to add their own listing. On one of my domains, a dermatologist added a listing for $60 a month. There’s no call center commission, so I’m earning $30 a month as long as that dermatologist keeps its listing. (Octane360 gets a revenue share on directory listings and leads; domainers keep 100% of pay-per-click revenue.)

Octane360 also gives you the tools to sign up advertisers yourself, which of course means you keep more money than a a listing sold by the call center.

The company is still innovating and working out its business process. But in a sea of new solutions for domain name owners, Octane360 shows some of the most promise. Not only does it get your domain names ranked in search engines, but it doesn’t rely solely on PPC.

The company isn’t making empty promises — it is delivering real revenue to domain names that previously made little money.

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Google Awarded Patent for Local Search Integrated with Whois

November 24, 2009Domain Services, Domaining, Domainnamewire, google, local search, patentsComments Off on Google Awarded Patent for Local Search Integrated with Whois

Google gets patent for integrating local contact information with search results.

Google has been awarded U.S. patent 7624101 for “Enhanced Search Results”. The enhancements are related to Google’s local search capabilities, including returning a result for a business that includes a phone number, address, and map. You’ve probably seen these search results at the top of a Google results page:


The patent describes a system that captures phone and address information from the target web site and displays it in the search results. A couple embodiments include accessing the domain name whois database to retrieve the information. In one embodiment, the whois record’s address and phone number may be used to verify the information on the target web site. In another, the whois record may be the sole source of address and phone number information.

The full patent image is not yet available, but the text is available here.

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