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DNW Radio: Bruce Marler Talks Local Internet Marketing

March 26, 2010bruce marler, DNW Radio, Domaining, Domainnamewire, local internet marketing, localtekComments Off on DNW Radio: Bruce Marler Talks Local Internet Marketing

Bruce Marler discusses internet marketing for small businesses — and what it means for domainers.

You meet a lot of domainers that are good at technology, and others that are good at sales. It’s rare to find ones with both skills. But one of those is Bruce Marler, who started registering domain names in the 90s when he was helping AT&T build its internet backbone.

Last year Marler exited the corporate world to start LocalTek, which helps small businesses market themselves on the web. In less than 6 months the company earned the business of over 100 clients. Believe it or not, the foundation of its initial contact with many of these companies is a .me domain name.

In this episode of Domain Name Wire radio, you’ll learn:

-The psyche of small businesses when it comes to internet marketing
-When a .me domain name can make sense in branding
-How to approach small business end users about buying your domain names
-How and why LocalTek decided to take outside investment to grow its business

Below you can play this episode of DNW radio, click over to the transcript, or embed this show on your web site.

Show Title: "DNW Radio: Bruce Marler on Local Internet Marketing"

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With: Bruce Marler

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