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HostGator to Use LogicBoxes for Its Domain Registrar

November 10, 2010Domain Registrars, Domaining, Domainnamewire, logicboxesComments Off on HostGator to Use LogicBoxes for Its Domain Registrar

Large web host to use LogicBoxes for domain name registration.

LogicBoxes just picked up a big customer.

The company announced today that web hosting company HostGator will use its back end registrar services. HostGator currently has an ICANN accreditation but is registering domains as a reseller. The transition from reseller to registrar will occur in early 2011, and existing customers and resellers should not experience any impact.

According to DomainTools, HostGator currently manages over 1.3 million domains on its nameservers. It has offices in Houston and Austin.

LogicBoxes provides a registrar automation platform that enables registrars to offer over 50 top level domains while not worrying about the technology backend. It currently hosts over 75 ICANN accredited registrars.

Disclaimer: LogicBoxes is a service of Directi. I work for Directi’s media businesses.

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LogicBoxes Manages .Co Transition

March 16,, Domain Services, Domaining, Domainnamewire, logicboxesComments Off on LogicBoxes Manages .Co Transition

LogicBoxes powers .co registrar for transition of domain names.

LogicBoxesLogicBoxes, a sort of “registrar/registry in a box” solution, announced today that it is the registrar backbone behind .Co Internet’s transition of .co domain names from Universidad de los Andes to its own platform.

.Co is being commercialized into a global brand this year. As part of the process, the .co registry needed to transition 27,000 already registered third level domain names (e.g. away from Universidad de los Andes, which previously managed .co.

Eventually, all of the domain names will be transitioned to one of the ten registrars that will be initially accredited to register .co domain names. However, the .co registry will continue to use LogicBoxes to maintain restricted domains including,, and

A number of domain name companies and individual domain investors use LogicBoxes to reap the benefits of owning their own registrar without the technical headaches.

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