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.Co’s Juan Diego Calle responds to anti-domainer allegations

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.Co founder explains his opinion on domainers and cybersquatters.

There was a bit of a blogstorm earlier today about the video of Juan Deigo Calle and Loic Le Meur, founder of the LeWeb conference announcing LeWeb was changing its domain to

There are two people in the video, and both have differing viewpoints on some issues. But because this wasn’t an interview on Fox, they weren’t debating.

I still don’t see the big uproar over what Calle said. He basically said they don’t want every .co domain to be purchased by domain investors (let alone a cybersquatters), because then .co wouldn’t take off. (See .eu.)

But some people have viewed the video differently than I did.

On the other hand, I’m not a fan of Le Meur’s handling of As I wrote about earlier this year, he tried to grab the domain through a UDRP. was registered before his business started. That’s not cool.

Calle has responded to the allegations that he’s anti-domainer by pointing out he’s a domainer himself. He doesn’t want cybersquatters on .co. He goes even further by saying he doesn’t want “mass speculators”. That’s smart, whether or not you want to hear it.

(Oh, and by the way…when you get outside the domain bubble, you will find that most people hate us. Le Meur’s attitude, even though it’s wrong, is typical.)

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