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L’Oreal Buys for 7 Figures

March 4, 2010Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire, makeup.comComments Off on L’Oreal Buys for 7 Figures

Makeup giant buys category killer domain name

L’Oreal has purchased the domain name and web site, and one of the bidders in an auction for the domain name tells us it was for seven figures. has an interesting history. The domain name was owned by — now Live Current Media — earlier this decade before the company struck a deal to sell the domain to Manhattan Assets Corp along with,, and Manhattan Assets Corp was to pay royalties of 5% on the domains, but Live Current later struck a deal to reacquire from Manhattan Assets in return for striking the royalties. (Live Current turned around and sold for $1.1 million.)

Drew Sharma tells Domain Name Wire that he “bid into low seven figures” on the domain name and web site, but was outbid. That suggests that L’Oreal paid over a million dollars for, unless it struck some sort of longer term deal. The domain name was transferred to L’Oreal last month.

I have a call into the sellers to see what details I can get.

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