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Mastercard loses another Priceless case

May 2, 2012Domaining, Domainnamewire, John Berryhill, mastercard, partridge IP, Policy & Law, priceless, udrpComments Off on Mastercard loses another Priceless case

Mastercard is devaluing its “Priceless” mark.

Last Friday I wrote about how Mastercard lost UDRP cases for and

It just lost another case (pdf), this one involving,,, and

Why is Mastercard suddenly going after PricelessCity domain names? It appears to be related to its move to associate its “Priceless” trademark with more than just financial services; namely travel services. It also has a campaign around the slogan and city names.

But in this case the registrant of the domains registered them before Mastercard made any move into travel services using the mark. The domains are owned by PlayRage, which was founded by former employee Robert McClinton. McClinton provided a good rationale to the panel about why he registered the domains.

Another interesting tidbit from the case: in trying to prove its rights in the “Priceless” term, Mastercard notes that it owns the domain name, which was registered on November 3, 1997.

It appears (from the panel’s write up) that it omitted the fact that it didn’t acquire the domain name until much later.

Mastercard was represented by Partridge IP Law P.C., whose principal is also a UDRP panelist.

McClinton was represented by domain attorney John Berryhill.

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