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New York Times Partnering For News Service at

September 10,, Domaining, Domainnamewire, dotme, UncategorizedComments Off on New York Times Partnering For News Service at

.Me gets another vote of confidence.

The New York Times is collaborating with technology incubator Betaworks for a new services at This comes from a reliable source: a blog at The New York Times…

Mr. Zimbalist said that The Times Company, which participated in Betaworks’ most recent round of financing, struck an arrangement where Betaworks would buy a prototype of the app that was created by members of The Times Company’s development labs, and that same team would work with Betaworks developers to finish it.

That structure appears somewhat like a technology commercialization deal.

The post hints that the site will be a social news service. But it doesn’t really matter what it is. From a domain name perspective this is a big win for the .Me domain name. Having a large media organization releasing a site at will be good for the ccTLD.

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GoDaddy Launches YouTube Competitor at

June 2,, Domain Registrars, Domaining, Domainnamewire, GoDaddyComments Off on GoDaddy Launches YouTube Competitor at

Domain registrar launches a video sharing service on .me domain name.

GoDaddy has launched a video sharing service at, just the latest .me domain name that the company (which has a stake in the .me registry) has created a product around.

After relaunching .me, GoDaddy founder Bob Parsons dumped his personal brand in favor of The company also uses for its Social Visibility offering.

GoDaddy plans to launch a web security product on, and has filed a trademark application for that brand.

So what is It’s a YouTube competitor but with an emphasis on being able to share your videos with limited people if you want. Among the features GoDaddy says has that YouTube doesn’t: ability to password protect videos, no ads, ability for videos to be over 10 minutes, phone support, and the ability to download your original non-compressed videos.

Another key difference: costs money, albeit only a couple bucks a month.

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American Express Wants .Me Domain, Samsung Goes After ccTLDs

March 11,, ccTLDs, Domaining, Domainnamewire, Policy & Law, udrpComments Off on American Express Wants .Me Domain, Samsung Goes After ccTLDs

American Express gets into .me UDRP game, Samsung starts collecting ccTLDs.

American Express has joined a list of companies to use domain name arbitration to get their .me domain names. The company filed a complaint with WIPO for, which is owned by a New Jersey resident. The domain currently has a GoDaddy parking page. First ad? “American Express® Cards”.

Other companies/brands to get their corresponding .me domain names through UDRP include Overstock, Mozilla, Firefox, ExxonMobil, Sprite, and Porsche.

In other UDRP news, Samsung is starting to get results from a slew of UDRPs it filed for country code domain names a couple months ago. So far it has picked up (Congo), (Laos), and (Moldova). It has cases pending for, .nu, .as,, .bz, and .tm.

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iPhone App Developer Loses .Me Domain Dispute

November 13,, Domaining, Domainnamewire, howard neu, Policy & Law, project.meComments Off on iPhone App Developer Loses .Me Domain Dispute (the company) fails to capture domain name.

Here’s a follow up to a story back in September — iPhone App developer has lost its attempt to get the domain name through domain arbitration.

After failing to acquire the domain name from its owner, the company filed a complaint with World Intellectual Property Organization, arguing that the domain name infringed on its applied-for trademark.

The three person arbitration panel determined (.doc) that the domain’s registrant, Alan Lin, had not registered the domain in bad faith for two separate reasons. First, Lin registered a number of other generic .me domain names during the .me landrush, and it was clear he wasn’t targeting the iPhone app developer. Second, Lin actually applied for the domain prior to’s existence, even though the domain wasn’t technically registered until afterward:

The Respondent applied for registration of the disputed domain name during the Land Rush application period for the .me domain, on June 26, 2008 – three months before the Complainant’s trademark registration was entered in the German trademark Register, three weeks before the Complainant even applied for its trademark registration, and two weeks before the Complainant even came into legal existence. The Respondent could not, therefore, have been aware of the Complainant’s existence, let alone aware of the Complainant’s trademark rights, at the time the Respondent applied for registration of the disputed domain name.

Another interesting aspect to the case is that the panel found that the domain name was confusingly similar to the company’s trademark. The panel cited prior cases where panels ignored the top level domain, which would have required it to consider the domain string as “project” instead of “”. But this panel disagreed with prior panels, noting that .me has been marketed as being about “me”, rather than just as a country code identifier, and should be considered. (This could create problems for future panels that wish to ignore the top level domain.)

Lin was represented by domain name lawyer Howard Neu.

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