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Has Sold Again?

Curious changes at

Has, which Rick Schwartz sold for seven figures nearly a decade ago, changed hands again?

That’s a rumor I’m chasing down. If you have any other information, please comment on it. [Update: I've confirmed the domain has sold., LLC had two managing members left as of the company's latest annual report with Florida.]

Here’s the deal. In early April the administrative contact for the domain changed from, LLC to “Harris Cramer LLP Escrow agent”. Harris Cramer is a Florida law firm. Shortly thereafter the nameservers for the domain changed to Rackspace and the domain started forwarding to a male porn site.

Those are two common signs of a domain purchase.

Furthermore, an email I sent to the old administrative contact on the whois record bounced.

I’ve received a second hand report that the domain sold for another seven figure price tag.

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