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Trademark Protection Firm Uses Trademarks in Its Meta Tags

December 14, 2009citizenhawk, Domaining, Domainnamewire, meta tags, Policy & Law, trademarksComments Off on Trademark Protection Firm Uses Trademarks in Its Meta Tags

CitizenHawk gets creative with other company’s trademarks.

CitizenHawkJust when you thought you’ve seen everything…

CitizenHawk, a company that helps trademark owners protect against typosquatters, has some peculiar keywords in its meta tags, including trademarks of one major competitor.

Yes, you read that right. Here are’s meta keywords on its home page:

cybersquatters, typosquatters, internet traffic, domain squatters, experts in stopping typosquatters, Hijacked, Brand, CPA, IP, fraudulent affiliate, Protect company, brand reputation, misspelled, brandholder, cybersquatting, google, mark monitor, commission junction, typo

So the company that helps others protect their trademarks includes several trademarks in its meta tags, including Google, brand management company Mark Monitor, and Commission Junction (an affiliate network that CitizenHawk is a member of).

Not that it really matters. Google doesn’t consider keyword meta tags in its ranking algorithms (although Yahoo still does). And it’s not like they can actually optimize for the term “Google”.

But still, seems a bit sketchy for a brand protection company that helped score 1,017 domain names in a single UDRP to cram its meta tags with trademarks.

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