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Registrar Lets You Reserve a Spot at the Top of the .Co Queue

July 17, domain, Domain Registrars, Domaining, Domainnamewire, Off on Registrar Lets You Reserve a Spot at the Top of the .Co Queue

.Co registrar creates innovative way to increase odds of getting your .co domain on July 20.

I’ve written about how various registrars are handling pre-registrations for .co domain names, which will become generally available July 20. None of the registrars has been explicit about how they’ll decide which domains to send to the registry first when registration becomes available.

But one registrar has come up with a nifty idea to guarantee you a spot near the top of the line when they ping the registry on July 20. At, run by accredited .co registrar, you can pay-to-play, effectively buying a specific spot in its order on July 20. For $300, you can guarantee yourself to have the first domain that sends to the registry on July 20. Of course, will be fighting with 9 other registrars, but that’s still a good position to be in.

At the time of writing it looks like the best spot available at is #5, which will also cost you $300. The price decreases as you move down the list, with slots 201-300 costing just $130.

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