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DNW Radio: It’s Domainer Mardi Gras Time

January 11, 2010DNW Radio, domainer mardi gras, Domaining, Domainnamewire, michael wardComments Off on DNW Radio: It’s Domainer Mardi Gras Time

Michael Ward discusses Domainer Mardi Gras 2010.

One of the most talked-about domain name shows from last year kicks off one month from today in New Orleans – Domainer Mardi Gras 2010. Whether you’ve been to Mardi Gras or not, this is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy a domain conference and some of the most fun you can have in a weekend.

I caught up with Domainer Mardi Gras executive director Michael Ward to get the scoop on this year’s show. In this show, you’ll learn:

-How to get a conference pass for just $495
-About the great parties, including the crawfish boil and balconies
-Why the conference moved to a hotel, and when you need to reserve your hotel room
-Details on the auction, which will be hosted on Moniker’s Snapnames platform

If you still aren’t sold by the time you finish listening to this episode of DNW Radio, just drop a note to domainer Sean Stafford. I think he’ll convince you to make the trip.

Listen to the show below, embed it into your web site, or read the transcript here.

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