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Archive for the ‘mike song’ Category’s fifth employee returns to DomainSponsor role

May 30, 2012Domain Parking, Domaining, Domainnamewire, domainsponsor, mike song, Oversee.netComments Off on’s fifth employee returns to DomainSponsor role

Mike SongMike Song, an early employee, has returned to the company as an account manager.

Song was hired by the company in 2003 after it launched the DomainSponsor domain parking service. He was the fifth employee of the company. He later held positions in operations and portfolio acquisitions with DomainSponsor.

Song left in 2008 to join MediaTrust, according to his LinkedIn profile. At MediaTrust he was a manager of business development.

He will report to Sam Tseng, Director of Sales at DomainSponsor. Tseng is another long time employee who also joined the company in 2003.

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