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July 24, 2011Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire, minus.comComments Off on Is $115,000 Buyer

Company upgrades from domain hack to

Who paid $115,000 for the domain name?

New York City startup officially disclosed that it is the buyer of the domain name. It previously went by the domain name, a “domain hack” using the United States country code domain name.

Why move from a domain hack to a good .com domain name? As the company explains on its blog:

But as we have grown, it’s become apparent that some of our users find the .us top level domain to be confusing. As we brand our service with the Minus name, we want to be as accessible as possible to all users and make it easy for users to find us.

The seller originally stated that the buyer was a “math educational non-profit startup” according to the story on The Domains, but if that’s the impression he was under then he got spun a web of bull. is a file sharing service for social networks.

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