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Morality in Media Gives GoDaddy a Boost

January 20, 2010Domain Registrars, Domaining, Domainnamewire, go daddy,, morality in mediaComments Off on Morality in Media Gives GoDaddy a Boost

Censorship organization asks parents to visit Go Daddy’s web site. Brilliant.

Go Daddy made a name for itself with Super Bowl commercials. But it wasn’t just advertising in the big game that brought attention. The real value was in pre-Super Bowl coverage. At first it was “Hey look, here’s a ‘dot com’ company that is advertising in the Super Bowl after the tech bust”. Then it was all about the racy nature of its commercials.

Last year the religious right chimed in, with some church leaders asking customers to boycott Go Daddy. Of course, this just fuels the fire and gives Go Daddy more attention.

Today a group called Morality in Media issued a press release about Go Daddy’s upcoming Super Bowl commercials. Maybe the guys at Morality in Media are idiots, but their press release actually has a call to action for people to visit Go Daddy’s web site:

“For an advanced look at what may have in store for football fans of all ages during this year’s Super Bowl game, parents in particular should check out the sexually oriented content that appears on that company’s website under the subhead, ‘Super Bowl 2010 – Sneak Preview.”

When I read that line, I pictured Go Daddy staffers high-fiving in the office. I even went to Morality in Media’s web site to make sure it wasn’t some media stunt by Go Daddy. But it appears to be a real organization.

So well played, Go Daddy. I may not agree with all the moves the company makes, but it is a publicity machine.

And by the way, Morality in Media’s press release is more graphic in nature than any of Go Daddy’s commercials.

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