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Disney Gets Lucky With Cars 2 Domain Name

June 20, 2011cars 2, Domaining, Domainnamewire, movie domains, UncategorizedComments Off on Disney Gets Lucky With Cars 2 Domain Name

Company picked up after it expired.

Disney Cars 2I’ve written a number of articles recently about movie studios not aggressively pursuing domain names for their movies.

But Disney’s Pixar does own as it prepares to launch the sequel to its hit Cars in theaters this week.

Did Disney pay big bucks to acquire the domain name? Nope. It got it after it expired.

The domain name was registered way back in 1998. A Virginia man owned the domain name until the middle of 2008 when it appears to have expired. That’s when Disney picked it up.

But that’s where Disney’s luck runs out. is already registered to someone using a whois proxy service.

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