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Mozy Backs Up Domain Names with WIPO Win

January 10, 2010Domaining, Domainnamewire, mozy, Policy & Law, udrp, wipoComments Off on Mozy Backs Up Domain Names with WIPO Win

Online backup service wins one domain — with another case pending.

MozyOnline backup service Mozy, a Decho service owned by EMC, has picked up the domain name through arbitration at World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). .Nl is the country code for the Netherlands.

In its complaint, Mozy alleged that the domain’s owner, another online backup service called, admitted to receiving leads through the domain name and offered to sell it:

The Complainant contacted the Respondent with a proposal to acquire the Domain Name, but the Respondent, demonstrating full knowledge of the reputation of services under the MOZY mark, stated “Yesterday we had a board meeting; we are not very fond of selling the domain, currently it generates leads for our website. After a long conversation we agreed on selling it, but our price is a lot higher: $ 25.000″

The web site at offered online backup services, including a link to

The company has also filed a complaint for the French domain name, which is owned by the same respondent. That case has yet to be decided.

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