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Panelist Calls Clause in Registration Agreement “Extraordinary”

September 19, 2011Domaining, Domainnamewire,, Policy & Law, udrpComments Off on Panelist Calls Clause in Registration Agreement “Extraordinary”

Panelist finds it odd that makes domain registrant responsible for its own “coming soon” pages.

UDRP panelist Warwick A. Rothnie has called a clause in’s registration agreement related to parked pages an “extraordinary arrangement”.

The clause basically says that will put up ads on your recently registered domain name but that the registrant is responsible for making sure the ads don’t violate third party intellectual property rights.

In what might be thought an extraordinary arrangement, the clause purports to impose on the registrant an obligation to ensure that any such advertising does not violate any third party intellectual or other proprietary rights.

Although Rothnie finds this clause extraordinary, he says ultimately the agreement a domain registrant makes with its registrar is what it is:

Be that as it may, the appropriateness of that arrangement is a matter between the Registrar and the Respondent. It is plain, however, that the terms of the Domain Name Registration Agreement gave the Respondent power to choose whether or not to use the Registrar’s Parked Domain Service. Moreover, it is clear from the record in this case that the Respondent was able to ensure that advertising of the Complainant’s competitors ceased upon receipt of the Complainant’s demands.

In these circumstances, it is plain that the Respondent was in a position in which he could control whether or not “pay-per-click” link advertising appeared on the website to which the disputed domain name resolved and the content of that advertising. Accordingly, the Panel is not prepared to find that the Respondent has rebutted the prima facie case raised by the Complainant. The Panel therefore finds that the Complainant has established the second requirement under the Policy.

Most panelists don’t understand the difference between a domain registrar parked page and a parked page the registrant creates, and this is something that needs to be addressed. At least one UDRP panelist has used common sense when it comes to this distinction.

Fortunately, Rothnie did find in favor of the respondent in this case over IMD.comtv.

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April 26, 2010Domain Registrars, Domaining, Domainnamewire, name.comComments Off on Faces Backlash Over Whois Privacy Charge

Customers voice frustration over paying for whois privacy.

Name.comWhen you give something away for free, it’s really hard to then start charging for it. Just ask

On April 21 the company announced via its blog that new domain name registrations would no longer come with free whois privacy. Domains that already have privacy turned on will continue to receive the service for free; new registrations must pay $1.99 per year for the service as “promotional price”. But the company also disclosed a coupon code to get the service for free for the first year of each domain registration.

Five days later, the blog post has 92 comments, and many of them are rather angry.

A typical comment: “This really blows. In the past 30 days I moved over 60 domains over to you because of the privacy being free AND was about to move another 160 domains.”

Increasing prices is difficult — but increasing them from $0 is even harder. offered freebies to existing customers but a vocal crowd is still upset. When making a move like this, sometimes it’s easiest to take a grandfathered approach. For example, when unions agree to health care concessions, they try to apply the changes only to new members. That way their existing members aren’t affected and don’t raise a fuss.

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