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February 9, 2010Domain Services, Domaining, Domainnamewire, namebeeComments Off on Amps Up Domain Name Content Aggregation

Domain content aggregator adds more features. has added twitter, news, and forum posts to its domain information content aggregation site.

Launched a year ago this month, has primarily focused on aggregating domain name blogs. The new features, released today, allow domainers to review and interact with more content outside the blogosphere:


- Twitter Aggregation – Aggregates the most popular Twitter users in the domain name industry.

- News Aggregation – News stories from outside domain industry web sites that relates to domain names. This is a nice feature to catch news stories that don’t get picked up by domain blogs.

- Forum Aggregation – Aggregating messages posted on the top message boards about domain names. Includes major forums as well as lesser known ones.

Additionally, the site upgrade includes new features for blog aggregation. For example, blogger’s logos are now much bigger, giving more branding to each blogger. Visitors can also “flag” inappropriate or off topic posts.

As part of the upgrade, was also rebuilt for better speed.

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