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National Football League Fights Over Super Bowl Web Site

July 20, 2011Domaining, Domainnamewire, national football league, Policy & Law, super bowl, world intellectual property organizationComments Off on National Football League Fights Over Super Bowl Web Site

NFL wants to take over Super Bowl web site.

The National Football League’s lawyers may be busy trying to settle the lockout, but its lawyers have time to play games with domain names, too.

The NFL just filed a domain name dispute with World Intellectual Property Organization over the domain name

The domain name is owned by Houston, Texas based EE Nation, which offers a number of travel services. is focused primarily on selling transportation to Super Bowl attendees, although it also has an affiliate link to a ticket broker. The company owns some other domain names that may be troublesome, including and

The NFL hasn’t filed a similar domain name dispute since 2009, when it won a collection of 26 domain names registered by one person.

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