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After Losing UDRP, New York Times Buys from Frank Schilling

January 30, 2011Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire, Frank Schilling, New York TimesComments Off on After Losing UDRP, New York Times Buys from Frank Schilling

Media behemoth buys domain name after losing arbitration for the domain.

In November I wrote about how Frank Schilling defeated New York Times Company in a landmark UDRP ruling for the domain name

After losing the decision it appears New York Times ponied up and bought the domain name. The domain name has not yet been forwarded to the publication’s Dealbook site.

Schilling’s Name Administration owned the domain name through early January. It was transferred to New York Times Digital on or before January 20 according to whois records at DomainTools.

This is a good domain name for New York Times to own. But I bet they ended up paying more for the domain name that they otherwise would have because they started by taking the low road.

(hat tip: Ramiro Canales)

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