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National Golf Foundation loses domain dispute for

September 26, 2012Domaining, Domainnamewire,,, UncategorizedComments Off on National Golf Foundation loses domain dispute for

Group tries to upgrade its domain name to .com.

A three person National Arbitration Forum panel has ruled against National Golf Foundation, Inc. in its bid to snag the domain name.

The foundation, a non-profit that conducts research about golf, uses the domain name

The panel ruled that domain registrant Mediablue was making a bona fide offering of goods or services with the domain name. Although it’s merely parked, it was registered due to the generic/multiple uses of the domain name.

The panel also ruled that the domain name was not registered in bad faith. It noted that National Golf Foundation is mostly in the United States while MediaBlue is in South Korea.

There was no discussion on whether this was reverse domain name hijacking.

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