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O, .Co! Goes with Coliseum

June 6, 2011Domaining, Domainnamewire,, coliseum,, UncategorizedComments Off on O, .Co! Goes with Coliseum

Big Stadium gets a .Co brand. ColiseumWhen the .co registry announced last week that it had broken through the one million domains registered barrier, (NASDAQ: OSTK) said it had another big .co related announcement on tap for today.

And here it is: the company will name the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum (where the Oakland Raiders and Oakland Athletics play) the Coliseum.

The company bought six year naming rights in April. Big props to Elliot Silver for being the first (I believe) to suggest that these naming rights could involve .co.

While the press release announcing the naming still refers to as merely a shortcut, it appears to be much more than that. In an AdAge article, company executives say they are gradually changing the name of the company to They liken the process to Kentucky Fried Chicken changing to KFC. The company also points out that is great for international business because Overstock is sometimes hard to translate.

Another big win for the .Co marketing team.

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