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2 One Letter .Net Domains Are Registered. How Much Will Others Sell For?

August 13, 2010Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire, one letter .net, VeriSignComments Off on 2 One Letter .Net Domains Are Registered. How Much Will Others Sell For?

24 one letter .net domains are currently reserved. How much will they sell for?

Last night I wrote about VeriSign’s request to auction off one and two character .net domain names.

I did a search on the one letter .net domains, and found that two of them are already registered. These domains are grandfathered in to the system. is technically owned by Inet Corp., but it’s essentially Future Media Architect’s private domain name registrar. You may ask yourself “Why would you use such a great domain for your own private registrar? Wouldn’t you want to keep the domain name available to sell to someone else?” But anyone who knows Future Media Architects knows they don’t sell any of their domain names.

The other registered domain is, which was registered back in 1992. The domain name doesn’t respond, and its whois record is funky, but it’s registered at

That leaves 24 ASCII one letter .net domain names that VeriSign hopes to release. How much will the typical one sell for? Leave a comment below.

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