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Walmart Challenges Non-Profit Over Domain Name

July 21, 2011Domaining, Domainnamewire, our walmart,, Policy & Law, udrp, world intellectual property forumComments Off on Walmart Challenges Non-Profit Over Domain Name

Company files dispute to get domain name.

[UPDATE: The original story said the case was against It was actually against, which is indeed owned bye the non-profit. Additionally, WIPO has handed down a decision in favor of Wal-Mart. The story has been corrected.]

Walmart has started a fight with non-profit OUR Walmart over the domain name

OUR Walmart, which stands for “Organization United for Respect at Walmart”, is a non-profit organization representing hourly workers at Walmart who apparently aren’t that satisfied to have jobs.

The organization’s web site is, but the domain name forwards to the domain name.

Walmart has filed a dispute with World Intellectual Property Forum asking for the domain name to be handed over.

Although this may seem like a freedom of speech issue, that’s not how UDRP cases work. Many panelists only accept the freedom of speech argument if it’s clear before going to the domain name that it’s not owned by the trademark owner.

For example, before you visit, you’re pretty sure the company doesn’t own the site. But that’s not the case with The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union owns, which is another example of a domain that’s clear from the outset that it’s not owned by the company.

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