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Domain Musings: Where are the auctions, charity, more

October 12, 2009domain auctions, Domaining, Domainnamewire, oversee, Uncategorized, yahooComments Off on Domain Musings: Where are the auctions, charity, more

A few thoughts I jotted down this weekend.

Are there really two major domain name auctions at TRAFFIC later this month? It’s only a couple weeks away, and I haven’t seen a single list of domains yet…

…How long will it be until gets a UDRP?

…One of the biggest ironies in the domain name industry is that doesn’t own

…There are two types of people in the domain industry: giving people and taking people. There are some great people in the industry who devote time and money to charity. Then there are those that keep their riches to themselves. Thank goodness there are more givers than takers.

…I got back into running recently, and that’s good for business. I do great thinking when I’m jogging.

…Yahoo’s traffic quality score changes are causing bigger waves in the domain industry than expected. Hopefully it’s just short term.

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