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Are Niche Domain Stores The Wave of the Future?

August 10, 2010domain marketplace, Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire, page howeComments Off on Are Niche Domain Stores The Wave of the Future?

New topical online domain stores try a different tact to sell domain names.

Most online domain name marketplaces are generic in nature, letting customers search or navigate to the category of their choosing. Does it make sense to have online marketplaces specific to a particular category, too?

A handful of entrepreneurs and domainers think so.

Last week David Bleaman sent me information about, a site where small businesses can purchase their geo-targeted domain names. The site has over 4,000 domain names listed, ranging from to

Elsewhere, Page Howe’s JoeDomains has released six (yes, six) niche domain name stores. Looking for green domains? He’s got you covered at Sports domains? There’s a store for that, too. Howe also launched stores for Web 2.0 domains, .tv, bargains, and even — get this — Names for Domainers.

Do niche domain stores work? I can see some cases where they make perfect sense. A few months ago I was brainstorming “green” names for a project and could certainly see myself using a site like

At the same time, getting inside the head of the typical end user buying a domain name is a different ball game. Hopefully these entrepreneurs can report back in the future with success stories.

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