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Paris Hilton: “Don’t You Dare Hyphenate My Name!”

November 11, 2010Domaining, Domainnamewire, paris hilton, Policy & LawComments Off on Paris Hilton: “Don’t You Dare Hyphenate My Name!”

Heiress wants the hyphenated version of her (domain) name.

Paris Hilton isn’t pleased that someone owns, and now she’s doing something about it.

The heiress filed a complaint this week with World Intellectual Property Forum, asking for an arbitrator to hand the domain name over to her.

The current whois record for the domain name shows someone in Indonesia. You get a server error if you try to access the web site right now, but it used to have information about Hilton and various affiliate links to sites such as without the hyphen appears to be an infrequently updated blog owned by Hilton.

This isn’t the first time Hilton has turned to World Intellectual Property Forum for help recovering domain names. In fact, this is the fourth case she’s filed since just August. She filed a case for She later terminated the case but still has the same owner. She also filed a case for in August that she won. Still pending is a case over

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