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Paris Sues Owner in French Court

December 22, 2009Domaining, Domainnamewire, paris trademark, Policy & Law, udrp, ville de parisComments Off on Paris Sues Owner in French Court

French cyberbullies step up attack.

Paris Trademark FoolsVille de Paris — the City of Paris — is continuing its multi-prong attack on domain name owners by filing a lawsuit against the owner of, this time in French Court. The owner has had the domain name since 1995.

The move to Paris is another attempt to find some sort of venue that will give the city exclusive rights to use “Paris” in a domain name. But it’s not a guaranteed win for the city. In fact, it previously lost a trademark case in France and was fined as a result. Perhaps it’s time to start a new series on Domain Name Wire. I’ll dub it Paris: Ville de Trademark Fools.

Here’s a quick review of Paris’ war on domain name owners:

2006-2007: City of Paris sends threatening cease and desist letters to owners of domain names with Paris in them, including and Owners of and file suit against Paris in American court. Paris runs away and claims lack of jurisdiction.

September 2009: Paris tries its hand at UDRP, filing cases against owners of,, and (Parvi is the name of Paris’ municipal wifi project). It loses the Wifi cases, but wins in a disturbing decision.

December 2009: Because Paris agreed to U.S. jurisdiction when it filed the UDRPs, the owner of sues Ville de Paris in Texas court. Then, after running away from the lawsuit years earlier, Paris files a UDRP against Finally, Ville de Paris takes its case to French court by suing the owner of

Stay tuned to Domain Name Wire for updates on Paris: Ville de Trademark Fools.

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