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VeriSign Devises Way to Sell More Expiring Domain Names

January 20, 2011Domaining, Domainnamewire, Expired Domains, patent, VeriSignComments Off on VeriSign Devises Way to Sell More Expiring Domain Names

System would discount price of domain names until a buyer is found.

VeriSign has devised a system to sell more dropping domain names by discounting their price over time.

Details of the idea are in a patent application the company filed in 2009 that was just published today.

U.S. patent application number 12/504396 (pdf) for “METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR SALE OF DOMAIN NAMES” describes a way that a domain name registry can discount the price of domain names within a short window after a domain name deletes in an effort to find a new registrant for the new domain.

It’s sort of like a reverse auction. As an example, for the three hours after a domain deletes it would be available at the standard registration price. During the next three hours the price would drop perhaps 50 cents, repeating every so many hours until the price hits a floor.

Practically speaking this would allow registrants to buy a domain name that they estimate will earn less than the normal registration cost in parking revenue during the first year. If I estimate that a domain name will earn $5 in the first year then I would wait until the price on the domain dropped to below $5 before registering it.

In VeriSign’s example, the price of the domain name would return to full price after a short time period, such as the end of the drop day.

I should stress that this is merely a patent application and I’m not aware of any plans by VeriSign to introduce such a system.

VeriSign also filed a patent application for a system that would estimate the likelihood of a domain name being renewed.

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Cost-Per-Action Search Engine Patent Headed to Auction Block

September 1, 2010Domaining, Domainnamewire, intellectual property, patent, Policy & LawComments Off on Cost-Per-Action Search Engine Patent Headed to Auction Block

Patent could potentially target Google and Microsoft.

A U.S. patent directed at cost-per-action advertising on search engines as well as cash-back search is headed to the auction block.

Sunnyvale, California based AnchorFree Inc. has enlisted ICAP Ocean Tomo to auction off U.S. patent number 7,647,305 (pdf) at its November 11 intellectual property auction in Napa, California.

The patent covers two main things. First, it covers charging search ad customers based on a CPA model rather than cost-per-click. Google has already toyed around with this sort of idea, charging customers based on an action (such as a sale or lead) rather than per click.

Second, the patent covers giving a portion of advertising fees back to the searcher. This is similar to Microsoft’s CashBack search, which rewarded searchers with a percentage of Microsoft’s affiliate fees when customers made a purchase. Microsoft has shut down the service, but many similar services exist.

Can’t wait for the auction? The patent has a buy-it-now price of $2 million.

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Yahoo Gets Patent for Behavioral Ad Targeting

March 16, 2010Domaining, Domainnamewire, patent, Policy & Law, yahooComments Off on Yahoo Gets Patent for Behavioral Ad Targeting

Search company granted patent for delivering ads based on user profile and behavioral information.

yahoo patent'The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued U.S. Patent 7,680,786 (pdf) to Yahoo! today for “Optimization of targeted advertisements based on user profile information”.

The invention covers using both behavioral and user profile information in combination with traditional keyword and event driven factors to deliver targeted ads. For example, a user might enter a search query for “Madonna tickets” on Yahoo. Traditionally, ads related solely to those keywords would be displayed. The invention adds an additional layer, taking into consideration user information (e.g. user profile data, behavioral data) to determine which ads to show to the user. This targeting isn’t limited to searches; keywords in the domain name or the content of the page being viewed can also be considered when delivering the ads.

Yahoo! filed the patent application on October 30, 2006.

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