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May 17, 2010Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire, great domains, kelly pitts,, sedoComments Off on Headed to Auction owner Kelly Pitts tells how he got the domain — and why he’s putting it up for auction.

The next Sedo Great Domains auction kicks off Thursday, and my pick for the top domain name on the list is It’s a spectacular category killer domain name that also has branding potential. I reached out to owner Kelly Pitts to find out when he acquired the domain name and why he has decided to offer it for sale.

When did you originally register/acquire, and why did you choose the domain name?

I registered it in November 1995. It was available at the time for registration, as was almost every produce domain. I had started registering domains in August of 1995 and this one one of many I registered before the year’s end. I did not even own a computer at the time, but was instead going over to a friend’s house to use his computer to fill out the applications on and others.

Mainly though, I registered this domain because it gave me a representation in the produce niche, it was extremely memorable, could be used for many different purposes, and lastly because I am from Georgia. So it made sense.

What have you done with the domain name since then?

Even though I developed some 400 domains by 2000 I did not develop this one to any great length. I had to pick and choose what domains to develop since it was much more expensive back then to develop domains. Everything from software, computers, internet connections, to tech help was much more expensive than it is now. Truthfully, great category killer domains like have helped fuel my development and domain acquisition efforts to a great degree over the years since they kept spinning off passive income. I think this can be said is true for most of the old school domainers. Those early purchases helped propel most of us through the ninetees, oughts, and still do to this day.

I’ve parked the domain and tried affiliate programs going back to the 90’s for everything from peaches, peach trees, dating, adult, presents, gift baskets, fruit baskets, ringtones, domain names, jewelry, etc… and every one of them have converted to sales. The traffic volume helps to this end. The sheer traffic volume that comes with great domains like this one can make for decent income in affiliate programs or redirects.

Why did you decide to sell the domain?

I’ve decided to sell the domain because just like many other “older” domainers out there I have come to the realization that time is finite for the living and developing will never be my passion like it could be with other domain names I own. Therefore, I want to sell some domain assets and get into other new domain assets, as well as other traditional investments as part of a regular, prudent approach to investing.

I’m definitely am going to invest some of the proceeds in ccTLDs. I see the ccTLDs as being the next real exciting place to be. There is an opportunity right now in the market to take the profits from and some other great category killer domain sales and reinvest in the ccTLD market and ride that wave to new highs. It’s a treacherous investment realm, but so was .com back in the nineties. It’s where the fun still is because plenty of direct navigation traffic is available for the taking at reg fee. The ccTLD market reminds me of buying domains in 1998 in the .com extension. I totally believe there is an incredible opportunity to replicate what I did in the .com again in the foreign markets. I speak Spanish, Portuguese, and to a lesser extent some other languages, so the opportunity to shift into those markets at a greater clip has been screaming at me to take advantage of. I’ll be moving out of the .com and into ccTLDs to a larger degree after some sales occur. and others I am/will be selling will further that cause.

Basically, It’s time for someone else to develop and for me to part ways and move on to new hunting grounds.

Who do you think the ideal buyer is?

I think it could be used by so many companies for the memorable qualities it has to represent a multitude of prodservs.

It’s also extremely brandable, yet generic…..the best of both worlds. That is hard to say about many generic domain names.

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