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PIR Survey Says .Org Trusted, But Let’s Look at the Numbers

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.Org is more trusted by the public.

Public Interest Registry released the results of a 1,000 person survey today about trust and top level domain names.

Not surprisingly, .org was named the “most “trusted” site for information” more often than other top level domain names. If a company or organization were to publish identical information across .org, .com, .info, and .net, 41% named .org as most trusted and 22% .com. 25% said they trust all domains equally.

That all makes sense. But two percent said .net and four percent said .info as the most trusted. I’d like to meet those people or understand how the question was asked.

The numbers get stranger during a time of crisis. According to the press release:

During a time of crisis, 39 percent of Americans turn to .ORG for information, while 25 percent turn to .COM, 20 percent to .NET and only five percent to .INFO.

20% turn to a .net? What are they, systems administrators?

Of course people have played off .org as being trusted for a long time. Technically it shouldn’t be more trusted since anyone can register a .org and use it as they please.

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