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January 21, 2010domain theft, Domaining, Domainnamewire, Policy & Law, pool.comComments Off on Case Discusses Lawsuit Over Domain Theft

Case sheds light on lawsuit against former registrar partner.

A National Arbitration Forum has awarded the domain name to the complainant in a case against a entity. What makes this case interesting is not that Dingbats is a generic term (don’t make me start writing in dingbats!), nor that the complainant bought the rights to a trademark for Dingbats for watches just recently, nor that the domain was originally owned by the previous trademark holder who let it expire over five years ago.

OK, so those are all interesting. But what’s more interesting is how expired domain name service came to own the domain name. In its response, “ In Trust” explains that it was awarded the domain name in a lawsuit against one of its former domain registrar partners.

According to Pool, it registered the domain name on behalf of a customer in 2004 and placed the domain with a partner registrar, Best Registration Services. Pool writes that the registrar originally put the domain in its customer’s name, but then stole the domain name back. Pool was forced to give a refund to the customer (along with other customers who were affected). Pool sued Best Registration Services, and a court awarded Pool a collection of domain names that were stolen by the registrar after won them for its customers.

Crazy, huh? Almost as crazy has awarding this domain name to the complainant.

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