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How to Lock Down Your Domains at Go Daddy

April 9, 2010Domain Registrars, Domaining, Domainnamewire, go daddy, protected registrationComments Off on How to Lock Down Your Domains at Go Daddy

How to protect your domains from theft.

Continuing on a theme of security related posts this week, I reached out to Director of Go Daddy Domain Services Camille Ede to find out what its customers can do to prevent domain theft. Specifically, I wanted to know more about the company’s Protected Registration and added protections for customers with Executive Accounts. Ede’s response was very thorough, so I’m publishing it in full here:

“Go Daddy offers Protected Registration, which prevents a domain name from being transferred to another registrar. The product includes our privacy service, as well as a Deadbolt lock.

Our Deadbolt lock means that in order to cancel the service, you must show documented proof of your identification, which makes the lock more robust than a standard registrar lock. This may seem “cumbersome,” but that is the point; if the domain name is valuable to you, you would be well-served to use product that safeguards against making it easy for a hijacker to gain access.

Likewise, when a domain name has privacy service, the true email address is masked, making it more difficult to locate and compromise. The privacy account is also linked to a separate account which requires validation before the domain name is able to be transferred.

Go Daddy also offers Domain Transfer Validation Service (DTVS) for Executive Accounts, which prevents a domain name from being transferred to another registrar, unless you verbally provide your unique pin number.

To have an Executive Account Representative assigned to your account, a registrant must have at least 300 domain names in their account. We do not offer an individual Executive Account Representative to every registrant. For customers with fewer than 300 domains however, our Protected Registration service is a reliable and affordable alternative.

We would also like to reiterate how there is no substitute for vigilance on the customer’s part. Ensure you have secure email (not a free service), be aware of phishing or pharming scams, keep your private information private (including payment methods, passwords and PINs) and maintain strong and frequently-changed passwords. This may sound ultra simple, but far too many people get into trouble because of a casual approach to their online security.

Another important practice, when you purchase an aftermarket domain name, is to scrutinize the seller. Take the extra time to confirm the person is who he or she says they are and use a reputable service to make your transaction.”

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