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New York Real Estate Agents Squabble Over Domain Names

May 18, 2011Domaining, Domainnamewire, real estate domain names, UncategorizedComments Off on New York Real Estate Agents Squabble Over Domain Names

Real estate agent explains his domain name strategy including six figure domain purchase.

Here’s an interesting domain name story out of New York.

Two competing real estate firms are fighting each other over domain names after one bought the name of the others’ principle.

This story in Curbed Hamptons is quite insightful for a non-tech publication. It points out that Susan Breitenbach could have avoided having Saunders Real Estate register her name had she placed a backorder for it when it expired:

Had the Breitenbach’s backordered the name with a service like, this whole situation could have likely been avoided.

Also interesting are the details that Saunders Real Estate told the publication about its domain name activities. Andrew Saunders said that:

…part of his rapid success in the Hamptons has been due, in no small part, to a “very aggressive web strategy that involves the purchase of all sorts of names.” For example, he says he paid $31,000 to snag from a guy in Canada and spent a whopping $100,000 to secure the very Google-friendly He also spent weeks registering thousands and thousands of other domain names that might help drive people to his website, including most every available street and place name from Westhampton to Montauk. This strategy also involved registering the names of top East End brokers, too.

Part of his strategy — buying these great generic domain names — is very savvy. But registering domain names of competing brokers is not, and is a way to land in legal hot water.

Perhaps the most peculiar part of the whole story is that the previous registrant of was supposedly willing to sell it for “thousands of dollars”. I’m assuming it wasn’t too outrageous, especially for a real estate broker who did more than $210 million in transactions last year.

(Hat tip: Dan)

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