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ResellerClub Launches Language Localization Program

May 13, 2010Domain Registrars, Domaining, Domainnamewire, resellerclubComments Off on ResellerClub Launches Language Localization Program

Domain name and web hosting reseller launches program to localize its control panels.

With all the talk of non-latin top level domain names hitting the web, ResellerClub’s latest news is very timely.

The company is rolling out Localization Partner Program, a way to use crowdsourcing to help translate its control panel into multiple languages.

English has been the primary language of the web, yet much of the growth is coming from people who do not use English as a primary language. We’re seeing that with IDNs, and ResellerClub’s new program is another example of catering to this growing population.

The program allows people to suggest translations and then the user base “votes in” the translations they’d like to see on their interfaces. It’s somewhat like a wiki for a control panel.

The company says it already has “100s of signups” after just a few days of the program. More information is available at

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