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Every Domain Owner Should Subscribe to DomainTools’ Registrant Alert

October 12, 2009Domain Services, Domaining, Domainnamewire, domaintools, registrant alert, reverse whoisComments Off on Every Domain Owner Should Subscribe to DomainTools’ Registrant Alert

Why every domain owner should subscribe to a registrant alert for their domains.

If you don’t use DomainTools’ Registrant Alert service to monitor your own domain names, drop everything and sign up now (it’s free to monitor your domains). Here’s how this service has helped me in just the past few months:

1. It alerted me that one of my domains had changed to ‘pending delete’ because I neglected to renew it. That saved me from losing a valuable domain name.

2. It alerted me that four of my whois records at one registrar were erroneously changed by the registrar.

3. Just this weekend, it identified a domain I won in a drop two months ago that just changed to my name, but I realized I never got control of it (and it’s still on old nameservers). It’s a Halloween related domain, so I need to get it set up ASAP.

You get registrant alerts whenever you buy a registrant report, and domain owners can see their personal registrant report for free. You can also add other registrant alerts for a fee.

To set up your alerts, go to your DomainTools account or visit DomainTools.

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