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Rick Latona Auctions Scores Big in New York

October 27, 2009Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire, rick latona auctions, traffic conferenceComments Off on Rick Latona Auctions Scores Big in New York

Auction results are impressive.

With Rick Latona Auctions taking over as exclusive auctioneer at TRAFFIC conferences next year, a lot of people questioned if it would be up to the challenge. Many of those questions were answered this evening in New York.

The final tally appears to be about $1.25 million or so in sales. That’s a respectable number. But it’s what’s behind the numbers that should be applauded.

Exhibit 1: This domain sold for $18,000, a decent sale. What’s impressive is that the domain sold for just shy of $8,000 at Sedo over the summer. Within a few months, Rick Latona Auctions was able to more than double the buyer’s money.

I wasn’t personally at the auction and wasn’t able to tune in for long online, so I can’t speak to how well it flowed. I caught the first ten minutes and am happy to report that it started basically on time. That may be the first time in domain auction history across all auctioneers that a live auction has started on time.

Here are the top sales from the auction, according to Proxibid: $450,000 $185,000 (hopefully this will shut up everyone with liquor domains who think their domains should sell for $3 million like did) $137,500 (includes web site) $50,000 $45,000 $45,000

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