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5 Alternatives to Traditional Domain Name Parking

April 13, 2010devhub, Domain Parking, Domaining, Domainnamewire, epik, octane360, rootorange, smartname, whyparkComments Off on 5 Alternatives to Traditional Domain Name Parking

Parking revenue got you down? Here are 5 alternatives to try.

Here are five alternatives to traditional pay-per-click domain parking.

RootOrange – RootOrange will lease your domain name on a local basis to multiple parties. In theory, this leasing will provide you with a steady income stream that should top what you can achieve by using the domain at an international-only level. Check out for an example.

Shopping Feeds – if you have a product domain, you should consider “developing” your domain by including products on the page. This will make it look like an e-commerce site. SmartName offers SmartName Shops, which uses a PPC feed from You can also try Epik Product, which uses various affiliate feeds. Epik charges a set up fee, but offers a guarantee.

Octane360 – Octane360 creates directory sites on your geo domain names (e.g. and then sells directory listings to local businesses via a call center. Sites can also be monetized using PPC and pay-per-lead.

DevHub – DevHub offers a simple, WYSIWYG editor to create web sites quickly. You can drag-and-drop shopping product feeds, news, video widgets, and more. Monetization is primarily through PPC, but also includes affiliate and CPA options.

WhyPark – now owned by domain parking company, WhyPark quickly develops domain names using articles and other syndicated content. You can also add your own custom content for better results. Although this is traditionally recommended for domains that don’t get much traffic, WhyPark has been able to take good type-in domains and make more money than with traditional parking.

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