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Angie’s List sues ServiceMagic over Google ads

June 4, 2012angie's list, Domaining, Domainnamewire, Policy & Law, servicemagic, trademark lawsuitComments Off on Angie’s List sues ServiceMagic over Google ads

Company sues lead generation firm over competitive AdWords ads.

Angie’s List (NASDAQ: ANGI), the subscription based service to find contractors, has filed a lawsuit against lead generation company ServiceMagic over ads it purchased on Google Adwords.

According to the complaint, ServiceMagic is buying Google AdWords ads for the term “Angie’s List”. Here’s an ad I saw when searching today. Angie’s List is on top, followed by a witty ad from ServiceMagic:

The suit (pdf) includes example ads that include a variant of “Angie’s List” in the URL, such as That URL leads to a comparison page that shows the difference between Angie’s List and ServiceMagic.

A number of lawsuits have been filed over Google AdWords being triggered for trademark terms. This one might be interesting to watch.

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