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Domain Name Wire Auction Ends Shortly

April 27, 2010Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire, snapnames auctionComments Off on Domain Name Wire Auction Ends Shortly

Last chance to bid.

The Domain Name Wire auction at SnapNames ends today at 12:15 PDT / 3:15 EDT. I realize there are a lot of domain name auctions going on right now, so let me break this one down for you:

- Only about 50 domains, so it’s easy to review the inventory
- Many domains starting at $99 with no reserve
- Over 20% of the domains have already met their reserves

You’ll find active bidding wars for and going on right now.

The auction includes two four letter .com domains registered in 1998, starting at only $99 with no reserve.

Check out some good, short .nets including,, and

Here are some of my other favorites in the auction (some of which are mine):

Normal Snapnames rules apply. If the domain is already at Moniker, the domain will be transferred to you almost instantaneously upon payment. SnapNames payment methods including credit cards are accepted.

Click here to view the inventory.

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