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June 23, 2011Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire,, social.comComments Off on Domain Name Transfers to Buyer’s Broker

Looks like the payment went through for, which Ron Jackson says is under contract to sell at $2.6 million, has an updated whois.

As of today, the whois record at Network Solutions says the owner is New Yorker Kevin Bingo. However, the whois record is not complete with an address nor does it have a valid phone number.

Furthermore, it appears this is the buyer’s broker for the domain name, not the buyer.

Kevin Bingo’s twitter account looks like it links to DomainsCable, a domain name broker. [Update: I received a message from Kevin Bingo saying he used to be with DomainsCable but is now independent.]

In a June 6 tweet, Kevin Bingo tweeted a message to owner Scott Carter:

@scott_carter Can you DM me your email? My client is interested in but these organizations wouldn’t participate in an auction

This transfer indicates that the payment has been made for the domain name.

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$2.6 Million Sale Could Make Moniker Auction a Big One

June 21, 2011Domain Sales, Domaining, Domainnamewire, Moniker, social.comComments Off on $2.6 Million Sale Could Make Moniker Auction a Big One

Pending sale would give Moniker one of its biggest auctions ever.

I’ve been tracking the potential sale of for a couple weeks now. The domain name was listed in Moniker’s live domain name auction for Barcelona (which actually ended up taking place online only last week).

A legitimate $2.5 million dollar bid was placed in the auction, and sources tell me there may have been other interested parties. Then the domain was omitted from the extended auction that ends tomorrow, prompting more speculation.

The original reserve was much higher than $2.5 million, but Ron Jackson is reporting that a contract has been signed at $2.6 million.

If the sale goes down this will be the biggest reported sale of 2011. (I’m aware of at least one private deal completed this year that’s bigger.)

The sale will also validate CEO Jeff Kupietzky’s claim that domain auctions are now more of a marketing event than a sales event. This auction will have at least two sales that didn’t happen during the actual auction — and

Last year Moniker sold and four other related domains for over $1 million before it was to be sent to auction as well.

So while the actual auction last week only sold about $65,000 worth of domains, I don’t think anyone at Moniker will be complaining.

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