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Kauffman Foundation Wants Help Renaming

November 24, 2009Domaining, Domainnamewire, kauffman foundation,, UncategorizedComments Off on Kauffman Foundation Wants Help Renaming

Help Kauffman Foundation rename a web site.

KauffmanHere’s an opportunity for domainers to do good by helping out the Kauffman Foundation, an organization that helps spur entrepreneurship.

Kauffman Foundation recently acquired, a site where people can post and review business plans with the idea of getting matched to advisors, financing etc. It also has a backend system for colleges to manage business plan competitions. To date, the site has been limited to students.

Kauffman wants to expand beyond just student business plans, so the name won’t work anymore. That’s where you come in — Kauffman is holding a “URL Renaming Competition” where you can submit new potential names. (A simple registration is required to submit a name.)

A panel of judges will consider the names and select a winner. Among other things, it will take into consideration the feasibility of acquiring the domain name. So you can toss out.

Of course, you can submit domains that you personally own that might be a fit. But the point here is to help out Kauffman Foundation, so give it some thought first. Take a look at the current web site to understand what it’s about, and also if you aren’t familiar with the organization.

The deadline to enter is December 1.

The winner will get some nice PR out of this. So could the domain industry: it would be nice if a domain expert wins, as it would show the value domainers can add.

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