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Baylor Sucks (again) with

May 21, 2012"sucks" domains, baylor university, Domaining, Domainnamewire, Policy & Law, udrpComments Off on Baylor Sucks (again) with

Baylor University gets “sucks” domain back after letting it expire.

It’s pretty easy to sit down here in Austin and say that Baylor sucks.

You can get on its case for yanking a gay student’s scholarship. And for waiting until the 90s to lift a ban on dancing on campus.

There’s also that little fact that the school is in Waco.

(The one thing we can’t do any more is say that its sports programs suck.)

But now the university is claiming a bit of suckiness itself:

Baylor University is the proud new owner of this domain name — for the second time — after winning a dispute at National Arbitration Forum for the domain.

As more proof of its suckiness, Baylor used to own the domain name Had it not let the domain name expire in 2008 then it wouldn’t have had to file a complaint in the first case.

You can legitimately own domains like if you do it to criticize the university and not profit from the site. But the owner of the domain merely parked it.

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