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Archive for the ‘super bowl commercials’ Category Gets Ready and Network Solutions Piggybacks

February 6, 2011Domain Registrars, Domaining, Domainnamewire, go daddy, Network Solutions, super bowl commercialsComments Off on Gets Ready and Network Solutions Piggybacks

Lots of mainstream attention on domain names today.

We’re just hours away from Go Daddy’s Super Bowl commercials and a huge plug for the .co domain.

I really have no idea who the girl is. My guess is it’s not someone from Colombia, but that’s about all I have at this point.

I’m thinking that Go Daddy might not actually show who the .co girl is on the TV commercial and instead send viewers to their web site to see the revealing. This would be classic Go Daddy style to drive web traffic.

As for the Go Daddy commercial, DOMAINfest attendees like myself got to view the entire “web only” version during Bob Parson’s keynote at the event last week.

Competitor Network Solutions is piggybacking on the Go Daddy commercials by releasing a web video called “Go Granny” to spoof the Go Daddy ads. (Network Solutions’ banner ads about the “commercial” have been following me around the web all day).

While this will certainly get them some nice media attention, the video itself falls flat. I stopped watching it after 30 seconds. If you have the patience to watch all four minutes of it then perhaps you’ll get more out of it.

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For GoDaddy, Last Place is Better than Middle of the Pack

February 10, 2010Domain Registrars, Domaining, Domainnamewire, GoDaddy, super bowl commercialsComments Off on For GoDaddy, Last Place is Better than Middle of the Pack

Analyzing Super Bowl commercial results for the world’s biggest domain name registrar.

Another year, another GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial media circus. And that’s just how the company likes it.

This year was no different than past. The company created a stir. Big props to Morality in Media for sending out a x-rated news release on Christian Newswire telling parents to keep their kids away from GoDaddy’s commercials (while simultaneously telling parents to check out

Apparently the GoDaddy ads hit consumers with a thud. USA Today’s Ad Meter ranked GoDaddy’s ads #60 and #63. Out of 63.

But that’s not as bad as it sounds. The idea is to get a reaction, good or bad. By having the “worst Super Bowl ad”, GoDaddy is getting a lot of press. Press it wouldn’t get if its commercials were ranked #32 and #33.

How much longer can GoDaddy milk this game? Adam Strong thinks GoDaddy’s commercials jumped the shark. I’ll agree that they were pretty lame. (Take one part Danica Patrick, add girls, have them act like they’re taking their shirts off.)

GoDaddy will point out that it received the biggest web traffic spike of any advertiser in the game. But those people were going to GoDaddy with hopes of seeing naked girls, not to register domains. I’m sure it resulted in more orders, but the conversion rate was surely low.

Nonetheless, this branding strategy put GoDaddy on the map. When GoDaddy ran its first Super Bowl ad, few in the general public had heard of the company. Now it’s a household name.

Now the company is taking another play from the tried-and-true publicity playbook. It’s now asking people to make their own GoDaddy commercials and upload them to YouTube as part of a contest.

That’s marketing blocking and tackling. And it works.

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